BT Broadband Deals and Packages May 2023 (2023)

About BT broadband

BT is the UK's largest telecommunications provider, and its broadband, landline and TV deals are some of the most popular in the country.

It has a history stretching back over 160 years and its telecoms services include broadband, home phone, pay TV and mobile phone packages. It also owns two other well-known companies, EE and Plusnet, who provide their own broadband and mobile services.

BT was the first and only UK telecoms provider when the telephone network was invented in the 1800s, but for a very long time it was owned by the Post Office. It was only named 'British Telecom' from 1980, when the service was privatised and turned into a company in its own right.

It's now one of the 'Big Four' phone andbroadbandproviders (alongside Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk) which deliver internet services to more than 90% of UK consumers. And BT is still the most subscribed-to telecoms provider, currently serving around 10 million customers.

BT broadband deals explained

BT broadband offers come with a range of options depending on the internet speed you require. It offers the full range of home internet services, from standard copper ADSL to superfast fibre, and evenultrafastand gigabit full fibre broadband.

BT Superfast Fibre broadband provides average speeds of up to 74Mbps and is available almost everywhere in the UK (approximately 96% coverage nationwide).

Specific locations can access much faster speeds with BT Ultrafast deals. They work through its full fibre service and offer speeds between 100 - 900Mbps. This incredibly fast service is ideal for large households that enjoy high-quality streaming and gaming, and for those who want to download HD or 4K content on multiple devices at once.

The provider also has its own pay-TV services, its flagship offering being BT Sport — the exclusive home of UEFA Champions League and Europa League football in the UK. The channel also offers coverage of Premier League football, Premiership Rugby and UFC.

Read our BT broadband reviewfor more of our thoughts on its service.

Uswitch BT broadband deals in my area

Simply enter your postcode and address above and the BT broadband checker will give you details of which BT internet deals are available for your home.

Benefits of BT broadband packages:

  • Powerful BT Smart Hub 2 Wi-Fi router for fast, reliable wireless speeds

  • Virus Protection software

  • Optional 'Complete Wi-Fi' package to guarantee great connectivity in every part of the home with a £100 money-back guarantee, for £12 a month.

  • Great broadband and TV bundles for those interested in watching blockbuster movies and sport

Learn about all the types of broadband you can get in the UK with ourdifferent types of broadband guide.

Is a landline included in BT Wi-Fi packages?

It’s very easy to add a landline to your BT broadband package, but it will come with an additional cost

The most popular and widely-available BT broadband deals use the same copper phone wires as your landline to get to your home, so it’s very easy to add when you’re choosing your broadband deal.

This does mean, however, if your only available options are BT Unlimited, BT Fibre Essential, BT Fibre 1 or BT Fibre 2 broadband, you’llhaveto pay for line rental whether you want a landline or not.

So if you want to find a broadband deal without line rental, have a look at our guide onbroadband without a landline.

Can I get BT broadband only?

BT's superfast fibre package relies on a landline to get to your property, but you don't have to pay for a home phone on top of your line rental. You can choosejustits broadband service if you don't need a landline.

Browse morebroadband-only deals on Uswitch.

Are BT offers expensive for new customers?

BT isn’t considered a ‘budget’ broadband provider — its prices are a little higher than someinternet providerslikePlusnetorTalkTalk. But it makes up for it with a host of premium, reliable features that some smaller providers just aren’t able to offer.

With a comprehensive service that offers many enticing add-ons like Whole Home Wi-Fi and BT Sport, you certainly get what you pay for if you choose BT.

But if you're after some of BT's cheapest broadband plans, you'll want to look at its Fibre Essential or Fibre 1 deals, which start at around £28 per month for 24 months.

Do BT broadband prices increase mid-contract?

BT contract terms include details of all expected price increases, including an annual price increase that usually comes into effect in April.

If there are any other price increases, BT is required to let you know and give you the option to cancel your BT contract. Be sure to read your T&Cs thoroughly.

What is included with BT broadband plans?

Here's what you get when you purchase a BT broadband package, from routers to connection guarantees to internet security.

BT Smart Hub and BT Smart Hub 2

Available for free for all new customers signing up to BT Superfast Fibre packages, the original BT Smart Hub router is designed to give you a fast and reliable wireless internet connection throughout your home.

However, if you sign up to eitherBT Superfast Fibre with Complete Wi-Fi, orBT Ultrafast Fibre, you'll get an even more advanced Smart Hub 2 for free.

If you don't want either of these packages but still want to use the router, you can purchase a Smart Hub 2 for £200, plus postage.

BT Smart Hub 2 specs include:

  • Seven antennas, each carefully positioned for optimum Wi-Fi performance

  • Smart channel selection, which ensures all your devices automatically connect to the fastest Wi-Fi channel and frequency available

  • Smart Scan, which constantly monitors your network and hub's performance and reboots if there's a problem

BT Complete Wi-Fi

If you have a large home, or a property with thick walls that regular Wi-Fi struggles to penetrate, BT's 'Complete Wi-Fi' could help to solve your problems.

Available for both new and existing BT broadband customers for a small additional charge, its 'Complete Wi-Fi' service combines the Smart Hub 2 with additional Wi-Fi discs to all-but guarantee a strong signal in every room of your home.

Customers will initially receive one Wi-Fi disc to extend their signal, with BT claiming that a four-bedroom home could see an increase in Wi-Fi speeds of up to 25% with just one Wi-Fi disc.

However, if you still have ‘not-spots’ in your home after installing it, BT will send up to two more discs free of charge. And if after three months you can't get a signal everywhere, BT will refund you £100.

BT free antivirus and software features

All BT deals come withantivirussoftware to protect your devices from harm.

Broadband Unlimited and Superfast Fibre users will get BT Virus Protect for up to two devices, while Fibre with Halo 2 users can add BT Virus Protect to up to 15 devices.

BT antivirus key features

  • Virus scan: Protects your device from viruses, Trojans, tracking cookies, spyware, adware, and other unwanted programs

  • Personal firewall: Keeps intruders such as hackers away from your activities

  • Site advisor: Alerts you if the website you're trying to reach contains dangerous content or malware

  • Parental controls: Block access to certain websites, keywords or specific pages deemed inappropriate for children

Find out more aboutsetting up parental controlswith our dedicated guide.

BT broadband email features

All BT broadband packages offer users free access to the BT Mail service, with a personal email address ending in Features of this include:

  • A browser-based mail service that can be accessed from anywhere in the world

  • Up to ten additional email addresses for family and friends

  • Advanced email security, including antispam and antivirus features

Just be aware that, like all provider-led email addresses, you'll likely have to change it if you switch away from BT in the future.

Take a look at our guide onkeeping your email address when you switch your broadband provider.

BT Cloud storage

BT broadband deals also come with free cloud storage, which lets you back up your photos, videos and files safely on the cloud and then access them from anywhere.

This can be much cheaper and more convenient than having to back up files to external hard drives or USB sticks.

Most BT packages offer 200GB of free cloud storage, with higher-end packages including up to 1000GB (1TB). You can also add to this from as little as £3 a month for an extra 50GB, or £9 a month for a massive boost of 500GB.

How long does BT broadband take to activate?

If you're switching to BT, your broadband connection should be set up within two weeks. The same goes for if you're an existing BT customer and you're moving to a new property (provided BT's network is available there).

If you're an existing customer and just moving to a new BT deal, it will only take a day to set up if you're just renewing thesamedeal. But if you're upgrading to a faster BT connection, it could also take 1-2 weeks.

BT broadband and TV

As a 'quad-play' provider, BT also offers a pay-TV service through the BT YouView and YouView+ set-top boxes.

They're fully comprehensive TV packages with access to all the most popular entertainment channels that satellite TV provides. Plus, you also have the ability to pause and rewind live TV, watch content in Ultra HD and access streaming service apps online.

Browse morebroadband and TV dealson Uswitch.

BT phone and broadband deals

If you're still a regular user of your landline, BT continues to offer its an additional home phone and calls package as an add-on to its internet deals.

Calls packages come quite cheap these days, so it won't add much onto your monthly bill to opt for a landline option with BT — especially since most of its broadband connections still rely on a landline to get to your property.

Take a look atour best broadband and home phone offersto explore even more choices.

If you're experiencing an issue with your BT broadband, or you want to find out when your BT contract ends, support from BT is available around the clock with a range of contact options — including phone helplines and online support.

Customers can also sign up for the firm's additional 'Tech Experts' service for complete help with their other gadgets.

Contact BT by phone

BT's phone helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be reached for free on0800 800 150from a UK landline.

Your call will also be directed to BT's closest call centre to your location, just for that extra touch of familiarity when you speak to its support staff.

Contact BT online

BT’s support service offers a range of online solutions, including a virtual assistant and video guides to walk you through many of the most common issues.

You can also access a live chat service with a customer service agent if you can't find the answers you're looking for.

For personal accounts, visit theBT Contact Uspage or post your questions toBT's official support communitypage.

For help and support forBT Businesscustomers details can be found here.

BT Home Tech Experts

BT Home Tech Experts offer you the peace-of-mind that no matter what happens, you can get support from a certified tech expert.

You can book two-hour appointments, seven days a week, to help you with everything from getting your broadband set up, to making the most of your BT connection.

This is a subscription service that comes with two options.

  • Either: An £8-per-month offering that will cover any issues related to your PC or laptop.

  • Or: A £10-per-month service that extends coverage to any of your gadgets, including cameras, printers and smartphones.

Both services also include a yearly PC health-check worth £80.

Use our postcode checker to see if BT is the best deal for your household:

Does BT have the best broadband in my area?

Find out how to sort your broadband when you’re moving home.

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