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Whether you want basic cover or a more comprehensive plan, Budget Direct Travel Insurance could meet your needs. Specialising in cover that’s affordable and offers some flexibility, Budget Direct’s policies are suited to those on a budget who are seeking peace of mind before a trip away.

Read on to find out more about Budget Direct, including the key points of its two main travel insurance plans.

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More about Budget Direct travel insurance

Budget Direct was founded in 2000 and today offers travel, car, motorcycle and home cover to millions of policyholders across the world. Budget Direct’s policies are underwritten by Auto & General Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Limited, which is part of the global BHL Group. The group has divisions which span four continents, generating more than $2bn in annual revenue.

Budget Direct travel insurance levels of cover

With Budget Direct, you have two levels of cover to choose from – Basic or Comprehensive. As well as what’s covered by both of these policies, you can pay to get certain add-ons to your policy. For example, specialist cover for adventure sports (or extreme sports) like skydiving or rock climbing.

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The policy details in the table below are general overviews of the main inclusions that come with each cover level. For more detail on the inclusions, along with any exclusions and conditions that apply to each, we recommend that you check the policy wording on this provider’s website.

Cover FeatureComprehensiveBasic
Personal liability
  • Up to $1,000,000
  • Up to $100,000
Accidental death or permanent disablement
  • Up to $250,000
  • Up to $50,000
Emergency medical evacuation
  • Up to $500,000
  • Up to $50,000
Medical expenses
  • Up to $250,000
  • Up to $50,000
Dental expenses
  • Up to $25,000
  • Up to $2,500
Loss or damage of baggage and personal belongings
  • Up to $5,000
  • Up to $500
Overseas baggage delay
  • Up to $1,000
  • Up to $400
Overseas hospital confinement
  • Up to $5,000 ($200 per 24 hours)
  • N/A
Overseas quarantine allowance
  • Up to $500 ($50 per 24 hours)
  • N/A
Trip cancellation cover
  • Up to $10,000
  • N/A
Trip delay or postponement cover
  • Up to $1,000
  • N/A
Legal expenses
  • Up to $5,000
  • N/A
Rental vehicle excess cover
  • Up to $2,000
  • N/A
Home contents cover while you’re away
  • Up to $5,000
  • N/A
Terrorism cover
  • Included
  • Included
Passive war cover
  • Included
  • Included

Depending on your needs, you may choose to get a single trip or an annual policy:

  • Single trip. This type of travel cover can be useful if you’re only going on one trip of up to 182 days in the next year.
  • Annual trip. This could be a better option if you’re planning multiple trips in one year, as long as none of your holidays exceed 90 days.

Both types of insurance can be taken out as individual, family plans or groups of up to 10 who are intending to travel together. There may be different terms attached to group or family plans depending on whether you select a single trip or an annual policy. Again, check the policy wording on this provider’s website for more details. You should also look out for any cover sub-limits, which apply to some of the cover features listed in the table above.

What add-ons can I get with a Budget Direct travel policy?

Budget Direct offers a few optional covers which you may be able to add to your premium for a fee, including:

  • Overseas Emergency Allowance. Budget Direct will get you back to Singapore or your nearest destination if your car, coach or train breaks down or is involved in an accident. For comprehensive plans, there’s a cover limit of up to $2,000 for any towing expenses.
  • Baggage, Personal Belongings, Cash and Travel Documents. If your passport and travel documents are lost or stolen due to theft, robbery or break-in whilst you’re overseas, Budget Direct will cover your extra transport and accommodation expenses to help you to get them replaced while you’re overseas.

What doesn’t my policy cover?

There are a number of reasons why Budget Direct could deny your claim. These include:

  • Any kind of false, exaggerated or inaccurate claim.
  • You have a pre-existing condition that Budget Direct said it wouldn’t cover.
  • Your doctor strongly advised against travelling, but you went anyway.
  • You’re trying to claim for treatments that can reasonably be delayed until your return to Singapore.
  • You’ve been intoxicated with alcohol or non-prescription drugs, or were breaking the law when the incident happened.
  • Your claim arises from or is in any way related to mental or nervous conditions.
  • You lose your luggage due to negligence.
  • Your trip is cancelled without a valid reason.
  • You travel somewhere outside the geographical limit of your policy.
  • Unnecessary dental expenses, or if you travelled specifically for medical purposes such as cosmetic surgery.

Pros and cons of Budget Direct travel insurance


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  • Full terrorism cover. You’ll be covered against unexpected acts of terrorism whilst you are travelling.
  • Worldwide assistance, 24/7. Regardless of where you’re travelling, Budget Direct has a support team working round-the-clock to manage your claim and oversee any emergency medical assistance.
  • Competitively priced policies. Enjoy cheap premiums with this provider – however, it’s more important that you secure a policy that gives you enough cover, rather than by price only.
  • Flexible plans. These include cover for family holidays or business trips. Also, family plans now include non-blood relations.
  • Promotions and discounts. Budget Direct has regular offers, including sign-up discounts, to take advantage of.


  • Low cover limits. Compared to other insurers, Budget Direct offers comparatively little for permanent total disablement (PTD) or death benefits. If you choose a Basic plan – and you’re an adult under the age of 70 – then you’ll only be covered for up to $50,000 if you pass away during your trip. Also, $500 may not be enough to cover your baggage or belongings under a Basic package.
  • Adventure sports cover. If you plan to take part in pulse-racing activities, like skiing, skydiving, or rock climbing, know that Budget Direct does not cover these activities.
  • Cover for working overseas. Budget Direct might not cover you for events that occur while working overseas in some situations. However, you could be entitled to some benefits under their annual multi-trip insurance.

Apply for Budget Direct travel insurance

When you click on the green ‘Go to site’ button at the top of this page, you’ll be taken to the Budget Direct website to start your application.

How to make a claim

You can file a claim with Budget Direct either online, or by calling 6221 2199 if you’re within Singapore. If you’re overseas, call +65 6540 2199. Phone lines are open 24/7.

You’ll need to show documents which support your travel insurance claim. These could include:

  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Authorisation letters
  • Medical reports
  • Flight, accommodation and tour details

If you have to send Budget Direct any original documents, make sure you keep copies for your own records.

Policyholders usually have to lodge their claims within 30 days of returning to their home country.

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Frequently asked questions

When should I take out travel insurance?

You should get travel cover as soon as you book your trip. By doing so, you can take advantage of cancellation cover. This protects you in case the unexpected happens and you’re forced to cancel or postpone your holiday for a reason that’s stated in your policy document.

Does travel insurance cover me for natural disasters?

Typically – yes. But you won’t be covered after the natural disaster becomes a “known event”. Check your policy wording to see exactly what’s covered by events linked to natural disasters, such as injuries and cancellations.

How can I pay for travel insurance with this provider?
With Budget Direct, you can pay online or over the phone; alternatively, you can pay in-person at a branch in Singapore using cash, credit card or cheque. Once your payment is completed, you’ll receive an SMS and your policy documents will be emailed to you.

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